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Grit particles settling in water

North America regional grit gradation data now available

New grit gradation data available Following comprehensive testing, grit gradation data is now available at a regional level to help North American wastewater engineers, owners and operators to...

3 October 2016

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Garbage in, garbage out?

There has been a lot of publicity lately regarding sludge. Whether it is the energy we produce from it, how we dispose of it, recycle it or just handle it, it is - rightly - a subject of...

15 August 2016

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The ten steps to totex

Finding solutions that can repair the disconnects between capital expenditure (capex) and operational expenditure (opex) and between operators’ intentions and the reality of running a wastewater...

8 June 2016

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Grit removal - a totex opportunity

A good model by which the water industry can test the total expenditure (totex) model is the process of grit removal in wastewater treatment. By removing more, and finer, grit at the inlet works,...

31 May 2016

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Image of two disconnected water pipes

The Whole Life Disconnect

Is the UK water industry making sufficient progress towards its goal of embedding Whole Life Costing into its procurement, contracting and operating processes? As I've written before, in order to...

21 April 2016

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WaterBriefing AMP6 & Totex Survey

WaterBriefing AMP6 & Totex Survey

The WaterBriefing AMP6 & Totex Survey WaterBriefing has launched the first of a series of surveys looking at key operational and strategic issues during the UK water industry's Asset...

30 March 2016

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The Cost Of Grit - Calculating Savings

While wastewater treatment plant owners and operators may understand that grit causes damage, reduces plant effectiveness and increases maintenance and repair costs, many still find it difficult...

21 March 2016

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Photograph of a WWTP operator cleaning accumulated grit

The Cost Of Grit - the seven questions that WWTPs should be asking

Finding accurate evidence of the true cost of grit to a wastewater treatment plant may be a challenge for WWTP operators – especially when justifying the installation of more advanced removal...

11 March 2016

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Photograph of olive oil bubbles

Finding our way through the FOG

Fats, oils and greases (FOG) in the sewer network are like excess cholesterol in the human body. We understand by now the need to reduce the amount of cholesterol in our diets, but why don’t we...

24 February 2016

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Photograph of a pot of cosmetics containing microbeads

Microbeads: capture is not the real issue

Microbeads - a global environmental issue The media has been full of the dangers of microbeads over the past few months, and the environmental issue has led to a ban on microbeads in the United...

18 January 2016

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