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An introduction to vortex flows - real hydrodynamic vortex behaviour

Real hydrodynamic vortex behaviour In real fluids some blending between the forced and free vortex behaviours is always observed. The simplest complete model for describing real fluid behaviour was...

14 October 2016

Technical paper
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An introduction to vortex flows - theoretical hydrodynamic vortex behaviour

Theoretical hydrodynamic vortex behaviour Due to the difficulties in defining vortex behaviour it has become common to identify quantitative features associated with vortices. As a starting point...

12 October 2016

Technical paper

An introduction to vortex flows and their implications on solid-liquid separation

There is often ambiguity in what constitutes vortex behaviour, and common descriptions are qualitative in nature and therefore necessarily limited. It has become common to identify quantitative...

10 October 2016

Technical paper

A giant cost lurking in aeration basins

The energy consumed by bubble aeration systems varies significantly based on a number of plant parameters. A few of the factors affecting the efficiency are: aeration tank depth and shape, type of...

15 August 2016

White paper

How to assess - and cut - the cost of grit

Every operator knows that grit is seriously bad for treatment plant operation and maintenance – but just how bad is it?  Times are changing, and greater focus on whole-life asset management and...

13 April 2016

Technical paper
A bucket containing typical wastewater grit and other solids

Grit Characterization and Optimal Grit Removal Using the HeadCell® Device

Grit Characterization and Optimal Grit Removal Using the HeadCell® Device Robert Y.G. Andoh Abstract Grit capture and removal from wastewater streams has increasingly become a critical process...

5 February 2016

Technical paper
Grit particle settling - refining the approach

Grit Particle Settling – Refining the Approach

Abstract Grit settling velocity is significantly impacted by variability in size, density and shape. The conventional assumption of spheres with a specific gravity of 2.65 is inadequate for...

3 December 2015

Technical paper
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Accelerated Gravity Removal of Snail Shells from Trickling Filter Plants

Accelerated gravity separation has been successfully used to remove and classify grit for over twenty years.  Several installations and pilot study demonstrations in California, Oklahoma, and...

25 November 2015

Technical paper
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Relative Performance of Grit Removal Systems

The purpose of this paper is to encapsulate various grit removal system performance data generated by a consistent and repeatable sampling and analysis methodology, for the purpose of comparing...

16 November 2015

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