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An introduction to vortex flows - real hydrodynamic vortex behaviour

Real hydrodynamic vortex behaviour In real fluids some blending between the forced and free vortex behaviours is always observed. The simplest complete model for describing real fluid behaviour was...

14 October 2016

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An introduction to vortex flows - theoretical hydrodynamic vortex behaviour

Theoretical hydrodynamic vortex behaviour Due to the difficulties in defining vortex behaviour it has become common to identify quantitative features associated with vortices. As a starting point...

12 October 2016

An introduction to vortex flows and their implications on solid-liquid separation

There is often ambiguity in what constitutes vortex behaviour, and common descriptions are qualitative in nature and therefore necessarily limited. It has become common to identify quantitative...

10 October 2016

A giant cost lurking in aeration basins

The energy consumed by bubble aeration systems varies significantly based on a number of plant parameters. A few of the factors affecting the efficiency are: aeration tank depth and shape, type of...

15 August 2016

Case study
Warren County WWTP, Ohio - VLR 1 full of grit

Defeating the Warren County "grit monster"

Few wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) get to experience the disaster of what actually happens if a plant has absolutely no grit removal in operation at the headworks. At Warren County, in Ohio,...

16 June 2016

Case study
Niagara County Waste Water Treatment Plant

Grit removal helps Niagara aeration process breathe again

Introduction Grit composition at the Niagara County Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in New York State is characterized by very fine, slow-settling particles. Undetected for eight years, it was...

13 June 2016

News & Opinion

Grit removal - a totex opportunity

A good model by which the water industry can test the total expenditure (totex) model is the process of grit removal in wastewater treatment. By removing more, and finer, grit at the inlet works,...

31 May 2016

Case study
Donora WWTP Grit King®

Pennsylvania plant cuts $20K annual O&M costs

Introduction The Mon Valley Sewage Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) serves the Borough of Donora in Washington County, Pennsylvania and the City of Monessen in Westmoreland County,...

16 May 2016

How to assess - and cut - the cost of grit

Every operator knows that grit is seriously bad for treatment plant operation and maintenance – but just how bad is it?  Times are changing, and greater focus on whole-life asset management and...

13 April 2016

Case study
A sewage digester at the St Bernard Parish WWTP, Louisiana

Reduced energy cost, increased capacity - St Bernard, Louisiana

The problem: a damaged, underperforming plant Meraux, Louisiana is located near New Orleans in St Bernard Parish, an area hard hit by hurricane Katrina in 2005. Excessive damage to the Parish's...

17 February 2016

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